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Obviously Okney’s appreciation is very unexpected. At present, Brown decided Josh McCown as a core quarter-free battle for 2015, this old will completed 1 win 10 losses in Tampawan last season. 11 times of passing the ball and the record of 14 cases.

The Rivers New Contract Contains «Do Not Trading» Terms
According to sources, the renewal contracts for Sanzui Philip Rivus and San Diego lightning include a «must not trade» clause, which greatly increases his possibilities in lightning throughout your career.

With the return of Manzell, a large teammate expressed his support to him. Now this is now approved from the coaching group, the new Brown four-point guards Kevin O’Connell (Kevin O & # 39; Connell) Last week said: «I have no change in Memang’s ideas. I gave him a chance to be poor than him. He did it.» O’Connell helped the Mansale to prepare for the War of War last year, and he is from Texas Polytechnic. AoConnell said: «We obviously discuss a second-grade player, and the first few times of last year, I have sent him a lot of help. I want to say, from my first time he encountered him, he is always a Keep a competitive player. He will complete everything that we ask him. »

Jet playing the ball card Catanzaro retired
On August 12th, there is only one player in the jet in the race of training camp and in the preseason. However, in the US time, this player is actually & hellip; & hellip; retired.

In the face of COVER-3, the angle guard was pulled by the SMASH route (W / H) without take care of the inner route. BRADY can put a swing in the middle of the road, induce its movement, cutting with SEAM route (X / Y) 3 people in depth high gaps. The new change of the patriot is to use non-running flanges. Julian EDELMAN is used as the zone running high crossing route involves the inside defense. After reading the defender, select the route to find the air to catch the ball (the average 5.02 yards after the regular season).

Potort used to take the AAF’s salt lake city. In 2018, he also had a jet, but eventually failed to compete with Jason Myson Myson Myers. Myers played outstanding in the season, I was selected for professional bowl, but the jet didn’t choose to keep him, and now Meers have sent a sea-hawk.

It is reported that Lei Wisi did not participate in the training of the team yesterday, and his replacement James Starks has just conducted a knee surgery, absence more than the game, perhaps this week Davis will become the only running guard of the package. Of course, maybe your external connections will come to act as an run.

Strong side striker in the strong i formation is pulled out, and Quanwan (F) opens from the gap, and the running guard can take close to the left-trial blocking, and you can take the striker and all the space created outside.

When the opponent is facing the three extraction, this rushing tactics can be used. The proximal edge (Y) is blocked outward, and the weak side guard pulls out of the second line from the air, and the running guard follows. In addition, the flexibility of Lewis also allows him to bypass from the outside of the near-end.

Of course, if Bris is willing to rebuild the contract to help the Saint sign Norman, this will make you doubt why he didn’t do this early. If Bris is rebuilding the contract before the start of the free player market, the Saints may chase the players who have to avoid them because they don’t have a salary cap space. If Bris wants to help his team, he should do this, not to choose what you want to do so.

If the defensive Cover-3 is converted to more to the Cover-1, this tactic is more effective. Hogan (X) External Running Low Traverse, EDELMAN (W) runs from the other side, and X is actually similar to a gear. Bennett (Y) Running the SEAM route to control the departure of the far-reaching midway, so the unpacking will force the defenders to bypass, create a space for EDELMAN.

Exposed Brisse for Joching Norman to reorganize the contract
One of the most surprising messages in the Josh Norman Brief Team Visit Tour is that the new Orleans Saints are one of the teams listed as the final candidate by Normand.

The patriot is sent to additional cut off (Y) and the EDELMAN (Z) station is closer to the sharp line, making the defensive tendency to shoot. The strong side stripes after the kick out and pretend to be rolling, and the SEAM route of Bennett (U) is in the SEAM route of Bennett (U).

Catanzalo entered the alliance in 2014, for three years for wholesale nfl jerseys the purple, in 2017, 16 regular seasons were played in the jet, and 30 times of any ball shot completed 25 times, 29 additional shots were hit. In the 2018 season, he played the black panther and pirate. This year’s sniper returned to the jet.

According to ESPN, Bris urgently hopes Norman to join the Saints, so he is willing to rebuild his contract to create conditions. Bris was originally $ 30 million wage in the next season, apparently he was willing to change the contract to make the saints to squeeze the space to sign Norman.