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Not just Manuel performance, head coach Doug — Marron (Doug Marrone) For Jeff Tuel, Sad, Thad Lewis and Dennis Dixon (Dennis Dixon) The performance is not satisfactory. Dickson has been cut off by the team on Monday. If the other two continue this, the same thing may happen to them. «They either express some either we look for it, and have anyone can have better performance in this position, just like we do it in other locations,» Malone said. «If we finally think that players are not enough to let us win & mdash; & mdash; we haven’t think now & mdash; & mdash; then we only have two roads.»

Bill is famous for the team, four points: one is not satisfied
Jim Kelly Daim — Jim Kelly local time Saturday visit Bill home Ralph — Wilson stadium watched Bill’s game of Tam Paulwan pirates, the performance of the team did not touch him. The performance he saw was Bill’s first quartz EJ-Manuel (EJ Manuel) in this Bill 14-27 losing the ball, 18 times successfully achieved 67 yards.

Although Kelly is not impressive for Manuel, this celebrity player still wants to see Manuel success. «I now support him, and I will continue to support him.» Kelly said. «But this location does not have to decide this year Buffalo Bier’s performance. We have excellent defensive, excellent ball, excellent running guard. Now he expect EJ. He will bring us as far as possible Place, I just hope that he can start a better performance. »

Vic accepts the role of Smith team mentor
Mike Victor is now the first quarter of the New York Jet Technology. He served as a replacement in Philadelphia, which was in the Philadelphia Hawks last year. As a predecessor he made as much as possible. But this does not mean that Vic is not eager to return to the peak, and once again become the nightmare of the other party’s defensive coordinator. Although this opportunity is gradually becoming less, after all, he is 34 years old.

On Monday, Kelly received the quarter-saving situation in Sirius XM NFL Radio (Sirius XM wholesale nfl jerseys Radio) interviewed Bill, listened to his answer For Manuel, there were no many confidence & mdash; & mdash; other four-point guard in the team . «Honestly, I am not satisfied with them,» According to ESPN report, Kelly said. «I hope to see EJ progress. I have heard him before accepting media interviews. First, he is a good person. He is a good leader. I heard him speaking to the team, I heard him before the external hand Speech. He already has a leader. He has all the conditions but I haven’t seen all what we want to see yet. »

Lindchi midfield is not in the dressing room when resting
The Seattle Sea Eagle runs to the Marshawn Lynch, which is quickly rushed to the locker room after the end of the game of the Kansas Emirates, but he did not even appear in the locker room in the half.

McAllen was selected in the fifth round of the show in 2014, before the University of Alabama, he won a total of 3 national champions. In most of his career, he served as a quarter-saving, but he played a first level in a limited appearance time.

The last season Brown once tried to trader McAllen before the deadline of the transaction, but it failed to submit the correct written document in time. Brambuo Bramblin may only be strong enough after McCarren’s free players.

Saints cut off a close-end arm, add a line guard
The New Orleans Saints announced on Saturday, cutting down the old Tom CRABTREE, and pulling the line to Todd Davis from the training lineup. Saint Saint was injured in the shoulders of Jimmy Graham, signed by Jimmy Graham. Therefore, this rule can be considered to be a positive signal that Graham is about to return. Some news shows that Glaham will be able to debut in the game with the Detroit lion this week.

McCarlen’s complaint mainly surrounded whether his first season of NFL was counted as a season for the team, he had a long period of time in the non-rugby injury list in this season. After determining that it will become a free player, McCaron can freely join the team who is willing to give him a first quarter-saving level contract after the free player market.

Another reason for cutting Klebitri may be because the team’s all-Health Eric Rolig (Eric Lorig is about to recover from ankle injury. This will give him a location over a big list. On the other hand, due to replacement lines, the Ramon Humber and Kyle Kyle Kylen, the new Xiwei Weis has got this opportunity to join the team. During the training camp, he has been following the full training of Saints, the team trainer group is very understandable.

As for Kelly, he believes that Bill can rely on Manuel to win, but the 24-year-old quarter-saving needs to be better. «EJ has the potential, he only needs to improve his performance and win,» Kelly said.

Although Lin Qi told the former teammates, the NFL Media Analyst Michael Robinson did not go to the dressing room because he «could not walk», but Silva was surprised (at least surface) whether Lynch has It shows that he is dissatisfied with him will leave Seattle. After the game, I successfully escaped Linqi and Silvadong interviewed by the Aeriobet Stadium. He said: «Do you think I will leave after the season? I don’t understand. The Haiying team officially conducted a media conference, they would say a lot of things, but I won’t say too much, I will only play. If they say something, I don’t know. «