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The former dolphins won the crowd coach Angspig died
In 1972, Mi Mi Dolphin won the super bowl of champion with a bad record, and their «unknown defenders» was died on Friday, and the year was 88 years old. The team confirmed this news.

Although it is not St. Lucia citizen, BEST is related to this island state. His father grows up on the island. This will help Benster applied for Saint Lucia citizenship before the opening of the Olympic Games.

Given that the two cannot be trained during the break, the training camp may still be affected by the epidemic, the Montan and Newton’s tacit will be critical. If you can stay healthy, Newton should be the most likely candidate of the patriots.

BEST has reached this achievement while participating in an invitational tour on April 2, this is his personal best score and is 0.01 seconds than the historical record of Saint Lucia. The State of St. Lucia will be held at the end of June.

There is no reason to be triggered by the hotel, but some fans still can’t help but think. Some fans on the Internet are guessing, and the supporters of the opponent Seattle Hawks deliberately in order to affect the rest of the patriot player. Of course, this guess is no basis for the fans. Anyway, in order to give a fans a more exciting game, we hope that every player can get a sufficient rest before the game.

According to Shura pointed out in the statement, Ang Sprig has built two champion-level teams, namely the «unknown defenders» in the 1972 season and «killing bee defense» in the 1982 season (8 players in the defensive group surnamed the beginning of the letter B In the 1982 season, the five game dolphins in the 9 games were reduced by 5 games in the 9th game. In addition, he also innovated in the 53 defense according to the situation in the field, which changed the game method of the defensive group.

The Jaguchi chose to run TJ-Yellton in this year’s break, Yellton’s talent is quite high, and it is expected to be the core of the new season American tiger, and another running Dednad Robinson. (Denard Robinson) also appears as a rotation. However, the Jagua seems to have not given up Gehart, and the team general manager David Caldwell has said earlier this week: «He looks more stronger than last year, I I feel that he can make a lot of contributions to us this year. »

The property of the patriot player is in the middle of the night.
The NFL Alliance arranged a superb bowl before local time on Tuesday, but it was not sufficient to rest in the first night of the new England patriots. The reason is that at night, the hotel in the patriot players suffered fire, which obviously affects the rest of most people.

The former lion runs Bai Shi wants to participate in the Olympics
The front Detroit Lion First Way Xiu Jiavid Best is trying to become the latest NFL running guard for the latest opportunity to the Olympics as a career.

Angspig coach career starts from his alma mater, Miami, Ohio. His most successful coaching experience is in Miami dolphins, where his defensive system has been widely popular and helping the team to win the 7th super bowl with an unbearable record. Then he went to the New York Giants, served as a giant coach in 1974-1976. After this experience, he returned to the dolphin again. In 1984, he returned to the university football, respecting the University of Louisiana, served as a coach and at the University of Florida. Ang Sprig returned to cheap Nfl jerseys from china in 1992, served as San Diego lightning defensive coordinator, helping the team to enter the 29th super bowl in 1995.

«I just want to bring honor to the Saint Lucia, to the Olympic delegation, brought to athletics,» Best said earlier this month. «I want to wear the national flag around the field and let my family and the country are proud. I will seek a place in the team, representing my country, I am significant to my family.»

Americas traveled to Shighart: I am too bad last year.
Jacksonville American Tiger’s Run Toby Gerhart shot from Vijing last season, which was originally hoped by the team, but due to injuries and other reasons, there was a sloppy, only 101 shocks in a season. I won 326 yards and two times, and I also lost the position of the starting run at the beginning of the season. Gethart has a very self-knowledge of his own performance. He is very frank in an interview with a reporter: «To be honest, I am really bad last year.»

NFL official website reporter Jeff Darlington revealed in his online social media in the morning, and the property of the patriot player suffered fire alarm at 1:30 in the local time on Tuesday. The fire lasted for 10 minutes. It was good to investigate the relevant personnel. The hotel determined that the fire was a confusing scene and did not really occur. The only fire alarm is the rest of the patriot player.

This season Gaofman really has the opportunity to compete for MVP? Of course! However, if you say the nail, it is definitely a fashionable, Maxian Patrick-Mahom, whether it is data or visual impact than Gaoff, and the chief is too unbeaten, and Mahms is inevitable. MVP’s number one competegy, even unavailable, leading the whole league’s other players at least one body, but last year, Alex Smith is also in Mahmus today, but the chief has a six-session record of thousands of miles , Smith is not talking about MVP, so once the chief is weak, so the highfriends can be robust, and they can still compete for MVP.