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Sakarpu has been added to the injury reserve by knees injury in September. He returned to the field on the 9th week, but 6 either ball shot was completed only once, 25 additional shooting gates were completed 24 times.

Although it is lacking for one year, Williams rapidly returned to the state last season, prove that he is still a reliable left-trial. In the first season of 49 people, Williams will be selected for the eighth time. Last season, the professional football focused on him reached 91.9, and the left-off position is first.

Titan signed Cairo Santos, Cody Parkey. Joseph’s preseason has been a Brown, but it has not won the new show Austin SEIBERT. Joseph’s career 20 arbitrarily shot 17 times, 29 additional shot destinations 25 times, the longest life is 51 yards.

In the fourth quarter, there is not much time left to Bill. Worse, they still can’t find an effective way to get the number of codes. What is even worse is, they still can’t limit the road attack of the jet. The original Bill is facing the unfavorable situation of the 3-speed 20 yards, and the mutually moving offensive line is put into the jet rushing to Bris, the latter kills Taylor caused the ball, line guard Mario — Dai Weis controls the power of the ball, the jet offense starting position is the 5 yard line of the Bill team! Such a perfect starting position, plus the work of the whole road attack, the jet gets the rush to the squad, the old will run the marty-Ford plum, the jet 31-7 leads.

Wilfolk also said that people think he is obese, that is because of the huge stomach covering his other active part, «I have to go to the gym. The only difference is that I don’t have their 6 abdominal muscles, but I also Don’t care about these abdominal muscles. «

McGlolin is the raid to stand four-point guard, but he misses the opportunity for the shoulder injury. At the same time, Connor Cook also proved that it is enough to serve Derek Carr, so the team no longer needs McGlolin.

Williams has been tend to stay in 49 people. Last year’s break, under his unremitting persistence, Williams finally be traded by Washington football team to 49 people. Before being traded, Williams had been effective for Washington for 9 years, but the relationship between the two parties in the last year, Williams chose to fight, absent the entire 2019 season.

The remaining time remaining in the end of the endless ball. In the second quarter, Tero Taylor’s extensive-Jones in the short-circuited middle road in the bomb array, the latter completed 10 yards. Kick the ball Hao Jika-rawly apart, Bill 7-7 chasing the score.

Allen tried to catch the ball on November 29th, attempted to catch the ball, he said, he said: «This is really unfortunate, but I am very good, this is the game, I got it. You shouldn’t think about it, so I am not afraid, I will continue to play. «

After this work was released, Wilfolk came to the camera again. «I think this eleven good solution will shoot big weight, if people can see me, a 325-pound of people, they will prefer This series and feel more kind, although there will be criticism, because everything will be criticized, many people will laugh, just click the up coming post this. Of course, I am looking forward to everyone, at least, at least at least shooting I thank myself and what I finished, this shows myself. «

[Event Review] Pavement attack full-time jet 34-21 Wins Bill
Beijing time on November 3, 8:30, New York jet hosted the same part of the opponent Buffalo Bore. At present, Bill is only a winner behind the patriot, ranking second. They certainly hope to win the jet and continue to maintain the chase of the patriot.

The first jet first attack. The first round of attack jet can not advance the choice to abandon the kick, Bill is even more miserable, up to the first quarter of Dove Tort Taylor is killed, after four offensive, he has to return the ball to the jet. Passing the ball unproved jet, one brain, chose the road attack, except Robbie Andon once 13 yards, the rest of the promotion is all from the police, and finally the quartzWehshi-McCane is running from the left. , Jet 7-0 lead!

After the interchange of a round of ball, Bill started attack from the 8-yard line of your own half. Equipment Di Donte-Thompson’s advance movement caused Bier to retreat 5 yards, I couldn’t find the first attack, but I had to give it. The jet number one runs to the right side of Bilar — Powell to the right of 51 yards, then Matt-Ford is relaxed to complete 10 yards, jet 24-7 lead!

Previously, Wilfolk explained that he would like to participate in this shooting to give people a certain encouragement, and he also released the video called Tom Brady, because he was going to force. The entertainment circle.

However, this week he had confirmed through the brain shock and regained the team training, confirmed the next game against the Paplice. However, he said that he still didn’t remember the process before the brain shock. He said: «I don’t remember, I only remember the things in the third quarter, and the memory is that I am on the ambulance.»