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For Clinton Dicks on the court, it gradually became a professional bowl level player. At the same time, he completed the 5th copy of the new height of his career last season. He hoped that the leader effect on his field can take it under the field.

In addition to returning the excellent performance of Clark, this contract also shows the crow management. The crow signed Jefferson in the 2017 big hand, gave him average salary reached a contract of $ 8.5 million. But now Jefferson is about to enter the last year of the contract, and Clark is expected to be his replacement in the future.

Clark played the best performance in his last season, he played 16 games, of which 12 were first, and it was 73 times, 9 ruins were destroyed, and twice forced the ball, cheap Jerseys 1 copy and 1 time. His performance is a surprise for the crow. They rely on Tony Jefferson, but the latter is reimbursed in the fifth week.

Davis career has been selected 3 degrees to select a professional bowl, and the 7 seasons are at least 100 times. He was working in the panther for 13 years. Last year, he played the Los Angeles, the first 16 games, completed 112 times, and leaded in the team.

«There is a rugby coach told me, & lsquo; uses adverse to do a great thing. & Rsquo; … Adversely there are many different forms. My adversity is cancer. I use this opportunity to tell me that I will start again. Victory, I can do it. So I want to motivate others to know that there is a way to become more excellent. »

Hardher Schilica joined Bill in 2017, which once served as a six-year kickner for the Hawks, and during the period, the team came into the super bowl. During the time of Bill, Hardeard 89 arbitrarily shot at 73 times (82%), with additional shot shot success rate of 96.6%.

It is reported that the Foundation’s words «Hero» refer to «Hope, Education, Resources, Opportunities», and the Foundation want to help children complete their studies and acquire active personal skills.

FOX hire Eric Dickson for NFL analyst
ESPN layoffs in the big hiking, fox is just happy to buy horses. They have already got a bunch of NFL players, and this time I was running with the celebrity hall to complete the contract.

In the last season, the injury has made Cona only played 10 games. He won the 464 yard 4 times, and the performance of his selection of professional bowls in the 2018 season (973 yards 12 times Deta) is far apart. He needs to rebound in the new season.

«This is why this book can be published and will make many people read will be a great thing,» Cona said. «Even if you have been 4 years, people who didn’t know my story now know, they will always send me a wonderful information. They became my supporters, my fans, this is really significant, give me support And love let me continue to grow, this is great. »

Clinton Dixers received an interview: «I grow up in a low-income family. I will not take learning very much in my childhood, and I hope that the children who wish the same situation will not face the situation I have encountered. »

In the last chapter of this book, Connee explained why you want to write this book. His struggle with cancer is much more than his things more than him, he hopes to pass these experiences and experience to more people.

«My belief is very firm, so I want this to be fully known,» Connant explained. «But at the same time, I want to frankly inspire others, let others know that you can’t really escape the adversity, but because of the adversity, you always have a way more and overcome difficulties.»

In NFL, it is said that it is the last performance of a player career. At the University of Pittsburgh, Connees had experienced similar changes, and he became a cancer patient from a potential new star. In the fall of 2015, when Cona was torn in the inside of the knee and recovered, the doctor found him with cancer symptoms and quickly determined that he suffered Hodgkin lymphoma.

Connects have a giant change in the life. He needs to struggle for his life, but in this period, he wrote this new book. He realized that he was not only satisfied with a star running guard, he wanted to make a greater more data.