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Summary of the sixth week of competition: Xiaobei Giants get a milestone victory
Xiaobei broke out the giant thrilling victory of the crow

The New York Giants who have already lost the streaks will serve the house in the main court. The first attack after the opening, the status of the crow attack group is good, and Joe FLACCO completes a 41-yard pass, and finally this wave offensive crow gets 3 points through the shot. And the giant is unfavorable, the first arrival of the Odell Beckham, the crow is hugged, and the crow will grab the ball and take this opportunity to eventually Terrance WEST completed a code-fired ball. The giant offensive group in the previous game still did not find a feeling, the first section of their propulsion code has only 16 yards. Until the second section entered the second half, the giant was first completed for the first time, and finally the four-dimensional Eli Manning came to find a new show, Lu Jie, Roger Lewis, obtained 24 yards. Fortunately, the crow offensive group has also been weak during this period, and the giants have to close the score to 7-10. After the beginning of the first half, the giant offensive group has begun to improve, and they have successfully advanced to the crow 3 yard line, but unfortunately, they can only pass the score by shooting. The second wave of the second half of the giant is the end of the pass of Manning, and the crow will take this opportunity to advance the shooting score. But the giant immediately found the color, Manning, and the latter got rid of the defensive long drive to get a 75-yard run. Flaco also showed the long history, his pass found the Mike Wallace and eventually pushed 70 yards, but the crow selects the four-speed 1 yard in front of Dali area. Failed to successfully enter the reachable area. Then, both parties completed a random range of racks. In the face of a crow, the crow relying on the referee, the misunderstanding of the passing of the passing of the giant is within 10 yards and eventually obtains a 2-code ball for 2 yards from Wester. There are 2 minutes and 04 seconds left, and the giant must get to win. At the four-speed 1 yard, Manning successfully passed to Beckham, and the latter reached the reach of the game again. The giant is overhead. Finally, the crow still has time to turn over, but eventually passed the ball in a row, and the giants wins. This is the 700th victory of giant history. Giants won Manning 46 passes 32 times successfully achieved 403 yards 3 times to reach 2 times passed, this game, after the game, he won 302 passes, more than John — Elvi (John Elway) Rank League History Seventh. At this game, the winner of the HKHHHHHHHHM has completed the highest 222 yards of the 252 yards in the career. The crow, the four-point Wei Fraco 48 passed 26 successfully acquired 307 yards. Run Weistet scorpion gave 87 yards 2 times to reach.

Run Weikai Kao Ye Dagua Hat Play Bill Day 49

The 49 people who have replaced the first quartz of San Francisco face against defending Buffalo Bill. The first section of Bill was grabbed by 49 people in this half, and they took this opportunity to complete the shooting score. But Bill immediately returned to God, they successfully advanced and eventually obtained 4 yards in Jerome Felton, which was held by Jeerome Felton. Array. But 49 people go abroad, the new quadruple satellite-Katon Kaepernick, which found the outer handle-Smith completed 53 yards. However, the Bill attacked McCay once again, he showed a 38-yard rush ball, and then connected the ball directly to the 12-chi-fighting ball. In the first half, the two sides completed the number of shots of any racquet, and the end of the half is leading 17-13. The upper half of the glue arrived in the second half. In addition to the first arbitrary basket of the fourth quarter, the 49-person offensive group did not. In contrast, the third section of the third section, Bill quarter, Taylor, Taylor, Justin Hunter, obtained 30 yards. The fourth quarter runs to Mai Cooji completed 18 yards. Subsequently, Bill caused 49 people to kick off the ball and grabbed the ball. They did not let go of the opportunity, Taylor passed the leader Robert Woods to complete the Dance. Finally, Billi Run, Mike, Gillisle, completed 44 yards. Bill defeated 49 people at 45-16. Bill quartz Wei Taylor 26 passes 17 times successfully achieved 179 yards 2 times. In the face of the current 49 people who have traded him from Philadelphia Eagle trading to Bill — Kelly, the 140 yards were taken 3 times in 19 sho. 49 people, the four-point guards of Kapenik passed 13 times successfully 187 yards 1 time.

Jedi counterattack final loss, a black panther was killed by the saints

Since the opening of the game, only one wins and 4-linked Carolina Black Panthers have met the four-point guards of the previous brain, and faced today’s opponent New Orleans Saints, Newton has excellent Play. The opening first is the saints. They all the way to attack to the Black Leopard Red Area and in the black panther 2-yard line to face 1 yards, choose to attack, near-end Cycarbi-Frina 2 yards Get up to the array. When the Black Panther offensive group is still not won, the Saint-4-point Guardrol-Bris (the 87-yard passing of the External Hands Brandin Cooks makes the saints 14-0 lead. Then the black panther offense has nothing but their abandonment is attacked by the Saint 59 yards, starting from the Black Leopard 29 code line. The Saints did not waste this opportunity, and finally found a new show outside Michael Thomas in the second quarter. MICHAEL THOMAS. Newton then passed the ball and passed, but the Saint’s attack was not in the attack. At this point, I will look at the black panther again. Until the second festival, the black panther got 3 points through the shoot, but after the rapid force of the Saint to abandon the kick, the black panther finally promoted quickly and finally found an external handed German-Fengchez (Devin) through the continuous pass. Funches is completed 17 code. At the end of the first half, the saint is free to divide the half ratio of 24-10. After entering the second half, Newton passed the near-end Ed Dickson, but the saints immediately founded the close-end Fengfina to complete the 50-yard Raoli to maintain a leading advantage. In the fourth quarter, the Black Leopard runs Jonathan — Stewart completed 2 yards. Then the Black Panther successfully copied Bowl villated, and the black panther who got the ball was successfully promoted to the Saint 1 code line and reached the rush of the ball again. However, Briser sent a close-end Shed Hill (JOSH HILL) in the next wave of attack, and the saints expanded. But the worse defense is still giving the black panther, this time after attacking the Saint 2 code line, Newton personally sang the horse to complete the squad, then the panther completed 2 points transition successfully chased scores. But this will leave a sufficient time to the saints, they are not forced to advance to the free kick, and there is still a dozen seconds left in time, and this time is not enough for the Black Leopard to rewrite the score. The final Saint 41-38 defeated the panther. Saint Siwu Bryi 49 passes 34 times successfully achieved 465 yards 4 times to double the pass passed, the external hand Cook 7 times a 173 yards were taken 1 time. The black panther quartz Bonnon 47 passed the ball 27 times successfully achieved 322 yards 2 times to double the pass paste, he still had a squad to reach. Estabard Vartt 19 shohed 85 yards and 2 times.

Two eagle fights the sea eagle free kick killing falcon

The two teams currently have the best records of the two teams. After facing the defensive group of Danfo Wild Horse, Atlantan Falcon has once again face a difficult hard bone. The first thing to taste the Hawks and defense group is the Falcon, Matt Ryan, who was killed in the red area of ​​this manner and dropped the ball, and the ball was rushed back by the Hawks. Sea Eagle runs to Kristen-Michael, then complete the 9-yard ball reachable. Until the second section of the Falcon got the score opportunity, they got 3 points by any racket. After the falcon scored, the Hawks opened the leading advantage. They rely on the short pass and the rush to the Falcon 2 yard line, and Collins then completed the 2 yards. At the end of the half, the sea eagle completed a random range of shooting, leading 17-3. However, the first half of the Falcon offensive group finally found the feel, Liene passed to the top of the top, Julio Jones, obtained 36 yards. In the second wave of attack, Lenni is short to find the outer hand, Mohamed Sanu, complete 10 yards. Falcon quickly chasing the score. In contrast, the sea eagle offensive is in trouble. Before the end of the third section, the falcon who started attack cheap nfl jerseys from china the 3 yards of this code relied on Ryan’s continuous pass to the vicinity of the half, and eventually passed by Ryan to the music — Toyolo (Levine Toil) completed 46 yards . The Hawn Eagle offensive group finally recovered, and they had the opportunity to close the score, cheap nfl jerseys but 29 yards played without success. However, in the end, they still got up to the next attack, running Weikel got this personal second mushroom to reach, but the Hawks of the Hawks were blocked by the Falcon cover. Falcon, which is still holding a leader, has made mistakes, and the passage of Ryan was clarified in this half of the Earl Tomas. The initiative came to the Haiying hand, they slowly advanced to the Falcon 26 code line and completed the shot against the ratio. There are still 1 minute and 57 seconds restriction in the game, there is still a chance to complete the winning attack. However, the passage of the four consecutive stress was destroyed by the Haiying player. When the last passed the ball, the top hand of the ball was responsible for the ball, Jones, who was defended by Haiying, Richard Sherman, but The referee did not represent. Falcon Dan Dan QUINN is full of anger, but this cannot change the results of the game. The final Haiying 26-24 defeats falcon. The Haiying quartz shower 37 passed 25 times successfully 270 yards. Run Weekole 18 shohed 64 yards 2 times. Falcon quad-shock 42 times passed 27 times successfully achieved 335 yards 3 times reached 1 time passed. External handle Jones 7 times a 139 yards of 1 time.

The rest of the game:

Jacksonville American Tiger 17-16 Chicago Bear

Los Angeles Roof 28-31 Detroit Lion

Pittsburgh Steel Man 15-30 Miami Dolphin

Cincinnati Tiger 17-35 New England Patriots

Cleveland Brown 26-28 Tennesi Toyan

Philadelphia Eagle 20-27 Washington Red Leather

Kansas City Chief 26-10 Auckland Assault

Dallas Cowboy 30-16 Green Bay Packaging