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Jonathan Babineaux talked about this at an interview at the local time on Friday night: «I especially like Kui’s defensive system, I think this system It can make everyone adapt and play your strongest strength. This year, there will be a different season. »

McKinsea also said that he will now pay more attention to the future in the future. Carl said in the statement that «building contracts to help raid people» is very important, which can help raiders retain other players, McKinsea indicate that Carl’s renewal contract did this.

In 2014, I joined Khal Mac Mac, and Gabe Jackson, I was expected to receive renewed players next two. The team chooses to perform Mike’s 2018 contract option, and if the new contract Jackson will become a free player before the next year’s snapsomes.

The jet defensive frontline has also obtained a first level of reinforcement. At present, there is also a defensive cut-off in front of the team in front of the team and there is Kunnan — Willians (Quinnen Williams) with Floreno — Formo Fatukasi.

Atla Feman New Season, the new appearance is new
The overall performance of the Tellana last season is not good, and it is not possible to break through the National Liannan District. The biggest problem at the offensive is is too bad, and the biggest problem with the defensive end is the terrible power of the rush, almost in recent years. Worst level. However, due to the new President Dan Quinn from the vaporization of the Haiying, the present falcon seems to have a new feeling in the branch.

In this competition, the second grade player got 3 kills. He became the most murderous player with other two players (43nd super bowls in the 43nd Super Bowl, Darnell Dockett) and 31nd Super Bowl Famous Hall of Fighting Dragonfly Rigi-White).

Of course, since the alliance chooses to change the additional rules, this is not our first time to hear such a theory. This may not be the last time, especially if the first quarter-free guard is called by the referee, it will be injured when he was blown away from the referee.

If everything he leads to the start of the offensive group, the package will be able to achieve the Dance and the first time to choose 2 points from 2 yard lines or 33 yards playing. No matter which method they choose, Rogers will want them to still use the old attachment rules.

Black Panther defensive end Yili creates a super bowl history
Carolina Black Leopard Defense Demolding Conteri-IR (Kony Ealy) dedicated to one of the best performance in the history of superbals. However, after the end of this super bowl, this historical stage can only be the foot of the team 10-24 is lost in the picnic of Denver.

Rogers frankly, more choices, 2 points, possible and less playing, the determinism of the game, allowing the game to become more exciting, but he feels that it also includes allowing the defensive group to work hard when attaching the attachment of the opponent. The new additional subtraction of two points and the «attitude toward the player» is struggling to attack the ball.

Galert added, despite yourself, Romo can participate in training, but for this veteran, participate in training is not the requirements of the weekend. If Romo can’t debut, he will send a substitute quarter to Brandon-Wei Brandon Weeden, and the arrangement of the game will not change much, because both are all capable of meeting our request.

But even more amazing is that Iri is only on the 5th file for the Black Leopard Defensive Group in this game. Although he prominently, he has limited time. In the regular season, he started 9 games. (He started 2 games in the 3 games of the Black Panther).

«Under the new regulations, such behavior will no longer be blown by the referee,» Rogers said to the ESPN. «If you have a copy or drop, you can attack. So I think you will make such a behavior cause some player safety issues. This may make the game more exciting, but I still like to play from the original position to get one Minute.»

However, http://Www.Eadpost.Co.uk/ the team’s head coach Jason Garrett said that he was very optimistic about Romo on Sunday, because Romo’s own feelings have been much. «Yes, he feels good, especially with your injured time, things have become more and better, your whole body will be full of blood, so I hope that Romo can do something today.»

Yili copied Manning’s pass in the second quarter, then caused a drop in a time, helping the black panther to narrow the score gap to 6 points and expected to win the champion. This copy of the copy of his name in history, he became the only one-single game for the superb bowl, and a player who had been killed and 1 copy.

General Manager of the raid: immediately started with other important players
On June 24, I discussed the press conference of DEREK Carr, and the General Manager of the Auckland Assistant Reggie McKenzie called «Big» day».

From the first two stops in the previous game, it can be clearly seen from the strength of the Falcon’s Board, and the biggest scene is also a number of new Xiuvi-Beasley and the veteran Adrian. Adrian Clayborn This is a new and old combination. In the second week of the quarter, Kareborn contributed once to kill the ball once, Bisley was hit four-guard and destroyed, and the two were extremely limited. A state in the play time.