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The patron today has a total of four new coaches today, including Jim Dray, Jim Dray, Strength and Machica, Mark Naylor, Special Series Assistant Coach Dedans Stri ( Derius Swinton). Charlie Bullen is promoted to the external guard coach, Don Shumpert is promoted to an offensive assistant coach, Spencer Whipple is promoted to an external hand assistant coach.

Bakner was working in NFL for 12 years and turned over four teams. In 2018, find out here only 13 shots were completed, and the ranking of the ranking is completed 32 kills last season. However, the raid will choose to use Bakner. They announced on Wednesday that Rod Marinelli will serve as the team’s defensive front line coach.

JJ Watt surgery recovery has taken good training
Houston Dezhou’s defensive line star JJ Watt (J.Watt) predicted that he would participate in the team’s training, and US time he did attended training and performance.

Former Falcon, Roddy White, recently revealed that the Falcon’s lobbies were huge for their former players, fans and bets, and White final in Laswi Gas lost $ 40,000. However, he said that Baxley lost his own one.

Dolphins unintentional to Eddam hole — Soviet use team label
From the team reported from the previous Dolphin, we can see the NDAM Kong-Suh as the STEPHEN ROSS, but the cause of the dolphins will not only at this point.

Charles — Barkeley Super Bowl Prestressed Falcon Loss 100,000 US dollars
Atlanta Falcon’s 51st super bowl really broke the heart of the fans, they lost their games in the case of 25 points, but their losses may not be a bad thing for many gamblers.

Norton was selected by the Calorina Black Panther in the 2018 draft. In December last year, the dolphins signed him from the panther sparring group. He was originally considered to compete with a team quota.

Dolphins’ wage hats space is not optimistic. Su Yong’s $ 169.85 million in 2018 will become a full guarantee for 3.18. If the dolphins chooses Su and his remaining three years of $ 54.375 million contracts, you can make a $ 3.9 million wage space. Or after 6.1, it is postponed that $ 17.1 million is delayed to the 2019 season, letting the space occupied by the salary capsule space for 2018 to $ 5.1 million.

Brandon-Bakner will return to the Red Tit, the defensive front line coach
The protocol defensive front line has been significantly improved under Brentson Buckner, but he will not set up a new season in Las Vegas.

The broker confirmed that 22-year-old Norton was injured in a car accident and had to accept the left arm amputation. He is currently serious, still needs hospitalization, but will not have life happening.

Dolphin defensive cututton in a serious car accident left arm amputation
Beijing July 4th, Miami Dolphins defended, KF, Kendrick Norton, suffered a serious car accident in Miami on Miami on Thursday morning.

White told reporters: «Charles is there, but we are very happy, he pressed 100,000 US dollars to the falcon, I could only tell him & lsquo; don’t worry, ready your potato chips, everything will pass & rsquo; »

Watt took the best defensive player in the past four seasons. In January this year, he just had surgery to treat his core muscles, this injury plasted his whole season, from Monday’s training See Watt’s postoperative recovery.