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Pony Zuoi is not participating in the knee injury
After the four-point guardian Andrew Luck entered the injury reserve list, the unfortunate of the pony did not end. The first left cut, Anthony Castonzo, due to the lack of training due to knee injury, may not be able to play the game for Dragon.

Mc. McMarus tried 82 arbitrage shoots in 3 years for wild horses, completed 68 times, of which the movie reached 57 yards. He also tried 110 times to attach a shot, complete 108 times. Last season, Macmanus was only missed 5 times in 34 arbitrage shoots.

In addition to continuing to believe in Cossus, there is not much choice outside Cossos. However, if Coss’s performance is still not improved, then Spoilman will have no chance to make a decision on Cousins’ destiny.

General Manager John Elway announced that the team has renewed with Mc. This contract is 3 years, worth 112.54 million US dollars, including $ 6 million of guaranteed income. This makes him become the fourth high of the union salary.

McMarus has recently said that the new contract will soon become possible. «I want to obviously you will always look forward to your location,» Macmanus said. «This is my position, so I really think so. And if you miss a few times, you will have trouble. Obviously we will wait to see what will happen. I am very excited.»

Casteo is the first round show in 2011, the first 97 regular sessions (continuous first 66 games). Since the seven season, only 7 games have been absent, four times in the 2011 season (ankle injury), 3 times in 2015 (knee ligament sprain).

The attack on the end of the game, the pony has improved the proportion of passing attack, and at the same time, it is heavy in the pavement attack, and this, the old giant is too much like this pass as the mainstay. The offensive rhythm, so his mushroom and the ball allocated to 85 yards, Leji-Wayne and Hachkimnicks two talented ball monsters also have a vitality, and the magic of passing the attack is here. Of course, anything is a double-edged sword. After the ball is coming out, it is called, which is to improve the cost of passing the ball.

Pony this season has used four kinds of offensive front line staff, and the 88 games after Rak came to Pony have been configured in 42. As the alliance released the most offensive front line, Castesso’s absence will only be snow.

On Tuesday, Beijing time, Tuesday, 9:20, this season, the eleventh week of the regular season, we ushered in a battle of focus, 9 wins and 1 losing Los Angeles Rasca, the Sikan Emirates in the same record. This game was originally planned to be held in Mexico City, but due to local site reasons, it was moved back to Los Angeles. These two cross-alliance teams were the first time in four years. cheap jerseys from china the historical record, the ravese of the race was in the 1994 season, and the later Shengluos era two defeated six defeats, the ravers strive to end today The six-game losing streak of the chief.

«What a long parting, seven through the Mid-Autumn Festival. Tonight clear respect for the customer, a boat water station tomorrow night, still according to Li You. But homophobia Wang Can, relatively Yongdeng floor.» Northern Song Wenhao Zhe was in the «water transfer songs head & bull; Xuzhou Mid «write so Sentences in table friend Wang’s thoughts. Thousand years later today, on the ocean NFL stadium, the legendary quarterback Peyton — Manning to face the visiting Indianapolis Colts, and four years ago, had also worked with old friend Reggie remaining — Wayne and Robert — Mathis two, but has played fourteen carrying home team, Manning seems to have a similar mood and Su Che.

In fact, in October 21 of last year, Manning for the first time as a guest came to Lucas Oil Stadium game, pony owner Jim — Islay (Jim Isray) rarely did a proper business, and he has to spend in the next baseball the team printed on the lawn a few patterns, are «horseshoe», «18» and «THANKS». This is more attractive than before the start of the game, Lucas Oil Stadium more than sixty-seven thousand spectators stood up to applaud the return of Manning, Manning choked back tears while old eyes, and waved to the audience this is perhaps one of the most touching moments in the history of American sports.

Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) said to this: «I have said, I will not tell if everyone needs to come here. I know that we don’t have 100% to Qi, but there are many people give After I call, this is coming, this is voluntary, of course I hope they can surprise you in the next season. »

Then the Broncos offensive failed again, and the colt went through punt return touchdowns, «Hu fraud», after Julius ball in a pony linebacker Jie Leier — Freeman manufacture almost let off the ball Colts win back the ball, but the Broncos to place a strong, faced with the opportunity to grasp the ability to be superior to others, escaped unharmed after off the ball, Manning’s long pass found de Cornelius, with Houmeng Di — Bauer the red ball touchdowns let the Broncos to expand the advantage to three touchdowns!