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Recently, the wild horse fans will write to the book to ask the team to recruit Timbo, and Ti Bo gradually left the NFL’s stadium after leaving the wild horse in 2012. It is reported that there are already more than 3,600 fans.

The eagle is not easy. Although I won the enemy Dallas cowgirl in Thanksgiving, they still have to face the Seattle Hawks, and face the cowboy that came to revenge, if Mark Sanchez It is possible to prove that you have the ability to lead the team to win the game, and the eagle coach is very likely to consider the abandonment of Falls.

It is believed that the Chairman of the Detroit Lion does not want to give up Su Su, he thinks it is the best time to retain their second round of drafts. He said, «He hopes to succeed in NFL, obviously he hopes to complete this with us. So I think this is a good opportunity, we will talk about it again.»

So in December, the eagle and Sanchez are a month to determine the fate. If Sanchez and Eagles can maintain the state of winning the cowboy today, then the eagle enters the playoffs and even further is not a dream.

In the sixth week of the competition, Kapu was injured in the Horse Collar Tackle after being pulled by the opponent, and was played by the medical car. Although it will return to the competition, Kapu is basically not a game.

According to the previous reporter, Su Person said that he would play more in Dallas, New York or Chicago, but the latest news is not so. According to the latest report, Su said that his first choice will be a Seattle Hawk, which is very simple: Su Hao is a winner and a defensive outstanding team, and he can return to his home, Northwest Pacific. However, the possibility of this transaction is very low, because the Haiye does not have a sum of the salary space to ensure the contract of Su.

When will Nick Fall? When can I hurt?
Philadelphia eagle four-point 卫 Nik-Folees has been in a stamped state since the lay bone injury in the eighth week, and it seems that Falls may take longer to return to the field. Philadelphia exploration reporter Jeff McLANE said that Falls is likely that there is no way to recover within 6 to 8 weeks of expected, and the Falls’s clavicle needs to continue to take a while to adapt to NFL. Strength of.

Fifth, patriots face Cincinnati. The first three games, tigers maintained a full victory, and in front of the patriot game, the forecasts of the major media in the game were almost one side, unanimously thought that the patriot did not have the opportunity. However, the patriot is still in the potential to ruin, rewritten the record into 3 wins and 2 losses, Braddy throws 297 yards, personal NFL passes more than 50,000 yards. This field begins, the patriot is a wave of winning, and the United States East champion will be locked again.

It is a substitute for cheap jerseys the second year, and the second year has passed their own efforts and seize the opportunity and become a reliable main quarter-saving. In the raps career later in Braddy, he kept going to experience the process from replacing to the start.

Next game, Braddy used the first quarter-off guard, but the performance is general. The Patriot Defensive Team only allows the colors to get a reachable, and makes a small mistake in the pony, and win two defensive TDs. The patriot won with a score of 44:13, it is worth mentioning that the first meeting of BRADY and Manning in this game. The fourth game faces dolphins, the patriot offensive is blocked, and only 10 points in the audience.

Perhaps the killing of the three years old and the 49 people are strong, and I’m Joe & Midd 2; Montana’s impact, Braddy still chose football. In the olive branch throwing in many schools, he chose the rugby scholarship provided by Michigan.

In the 2016 holiday period, Braddy has experienced the NFL investigation, punished by NFL, prosecuted by NFL to the court, eventually being immunically exempted by the federal second tour, but his focus on preparing for unreffected. From the season, I was unveiled in the game, I went to the scene to get the giant. Under his leadership, the patriot got ten consecutive wins until Indelman, New York, sprained ankle. Subsequently, the patriot is far from the plateau to challenge the wild horse. It is hurt in the case of the big half, although the last moment Gheskusk kicked the ball and slammed the score, but the final patriot still lost the game. Improving the ill Ige’s dream is generally wrapped in the patriot, Gulong fell down when Braddy’s dignified eyes were unforgettable.

On September 23, 2001, the second game of the Patriot regular season met the New York jet in the home, and the main four-point guard of the patriot in the game was hurt by the jet. Brundi looked at the scene and then jogged on the field.

And some special characteristics as a good player: effort, smart. He will develop a training plan to himself and perform it in a meticulous manner. Even later, the project in the training program he developed, became a routine training program for the team. He will even lead your teammates to use suicide training during the summer.