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Bill runs 卫 勒 肖恩 — McCay returns training
The dilemma of Buffalo Birjun must be ended.

Bill Main Runweira Shan — McCayan McCoy returned to training on Thursday, cheap nfl jerseys online but only participated in some training. After the seventh week, cheap Green Bay Packers jerseys online he did not play the game in the last game of the leg gluten. Mike Gillislee has served as the main force in the game that is expected to be in the game in the new England wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys from china patriot.

«I feel very good,» McCooa said after training. «The first day returned to training, I ran some route, I felt a lot today.» «We will pay attention to his progress, but it is clear that this is a positive signal,» Bill coach Rex Ryan said. »

McKoo has achieved a good start in the second season of efficacy Bill. He has completed 112 mulled balls to get 598 yards, and the average data per shock promoted 5.3 yards is the best level. He has taken 6 shores to reach 1 time. Bill will face the Seattle Hawks on Monday Night, after Macquas returned, their playoffs hope substantime.