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According to the ESPN reporter, the Ai Emirates talked with the Deshaun Watson, Clemsen University. Watson will also meet Cleveland Brown on Tuesday, the Chief 27 signs and Brown competition may have some difficulties. In addition, there is also a lot of teams that are signed than the chief and need quadruption, so the chief may need to trade forward, so that this two-dimensional access to the final list of the Hustu Manda.

Jet interview front Bill coach Malone
On Saturday, the New York Jet is interviewed against the front Buffalo Bill Doug — Marina Doug Marrone. According to NFL official website reporters, the jet is concerned with the Marito for a long time, and immediately gains contact with him after the declaration of the contract.

On Wednesday, Moroton announced that it will be brought to Bill. According to a matter of concern, Maro also is very interested in the position of the jet machine owner. The two sides will take the time when they get in touch, and they will set the time. As the same opponent, Marina is very understandable, and the relevant people also believe that Maro’s home jet will be a win-win decision.

In addition, Manzell has absents the team’s adaptive venue training together with Josh Gordon, which encounters the internal ban, but NFL Media Michael Silver reveals that Manzel is not It is necessary to participate, because he has been placed in a wound list because of the injury of leg gluten.

Based on the alliance related regulations, Bill and jets have ended. So if both parties can agree, they will have the right to sign up at any time. After the interview is over, the representatives of both parties have not yet speaking. According to the itinerary of the NFL official website reporter, he will meet with Atlantian Feman on Monday on Monday. Insatiscically, Malotin is not rushing to make a final decision, he hopes to have more time to learn more than a more detailed comparison.

According to NFL’s famous reporters, Ian Rapople reported on Saturday, Manzell was punished by the team because I went to the medical center to receive recovery treatment, eeon.tv but the specific fines did not know .

After Lynch, New England Patriots quarterback — Tom Brady (Tom Brady) jersey sales ranked second. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Nasdaq — Prescott (Dak Prescott) and running back Eze Kiel — Elliott (Ezekiel Elliott) were ranked third and fourth.

Raiders quarterback Drake — Carl (Derek Carr) ranked sixth, outside the New York Giants took over the small Odell — David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) ranked seventh. In addition, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson — Wentz (Carson Wentz) ranked eighth, outside Atlanta Falcons took over Julio — Jones (Julio Jones) ranked ninth, the New England Patriots tight end Rob — glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski) ranked tenth.

Lewis did not worry because of leaving the patriot, he said: «This decision makes me very happy, even if they want to keep me, I will go. But it is clear, they don’t need me, think I have not yet stayed yet. The point, so I need to continue to prove yourself. & Hellip; & hellip; get the contract will not weaken my motivation, I think I am a famous player, and I have always been eager to prove myself. & Hellip; & hellip; I am very strict, I hope I can It is better than last year. »

Running back Xiaoen — Lynch topped the sales chart first May jersey
Beijing June 12 hearing when running back Xiaoen — Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) might come back and join the Oakland Raiders news, it is clear that his No. 24 jersey Raiders could quickly become a best-selling NFL jerseys. And indeed true.

Houston Texans rookie quarterback DeShawn — Watson (Deshaun Watson) ranked fifth, he is also the highest ranked all rookies in & mdash; & mdash; this could signal the Texans fans, if the current episode — Tom Savage (Tom Savage) poor performance in the new season of the degree of patience.

Run David Lewis: Patriot thinking that I am not good enough
Beijing August 16th, the current Titan Run Dian — Liu Lewis was a member of the patriot, and his entire career struggled to prove his ability. After the fifth round in 2011, Lewis suffered several serious injuries several times, but he had come over and went to the gain of the harvest in this year.

The patriots provide the salary of Lewis definitely not so much like Titan, Titan hopes he to share the pressure of the runae Derrick Henry. Under the new offense coordinator Matt Lafleur, Lewis should be able to play a role in impovering the dual-energy run.

Lewis completed the best data last season: the number of punch codes 896, the ball 214, a total of 9 reacted. Although height is only 1.73 m, but his skills are comprehensive, you can attack on any one, but this still can’t keep him in the position of the patriot.