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Villaniva has been responsible for the left trial position before the steel man, but the current Ronnie Stanley is temporarily living. Plus Left Paving Machine — Cleveland, Dradley Bozeman, Right Made Kevin Zeitler, the crow down next season’s offensive front line fierce match.

Crow with the former steel man offensive cutaway Vila Newwa sign for 2 years
US time on Tuesday, the crow is officially announced, with the former steel man offensive the cut offers Alex Villanueva to sign for two years.

Ximeian served as the replacement of Kirk Cousins in Vijing, but did not get an opportunity. Before this, he served as a wild horse in the 2016, 2017 season. 13 games in the 24 games have won, the pass rate of 59.3%, reached 30 times, was copied 24 times.

Patriot four points to Newton: New Show Jones is very calm
The patriot four points before Cam Newton, he is still gradually understanding a new show quarter, Mac Jones. He has a distinctive first impression in the two-year-off process of two-person competition.

He was very calm. «Newton said on Friday,» You never know when he is very disappointed with him, and I don’t know when he is emotional. He is very calm. «In addition to this, Newton also said Jones in Hipha The knowledge in the field also shocked him.

«I will soakakanese.» Jones said in an interview, «No matter what kind of relationship, you need to establish a link and trust relationship when you encounter new friends. He is helping me, but also makes this process more Having fun. The most beginning of a new show will be difficult, he tries to keep me positive. Cammy is like this. «

Jet checks the quartz of Swan Difer
Beijing March 21, US Time Wednesday, the jet official announced the signing of the former wild mast, Viking four-point Wei Trevor Siemian. According to Cheap nfl jerseys From china NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the contract is a year, with a basic salary of 2 million US dollars, counted up to 3 million US dollars after the excitation bonus.

Goodel said that after witnessing the success of Chicago, the competition of the right of the chartered rights exacerbated. This week, Danfo Yam announced its intentional competition. In addition, the occupational football Hall of Fame has also applied for the 2019 or 2020 draft, and the venue used to hold a draft is part of the relocation plan of the Los Angeles ram. Atlantan Fematch Board Arthur Blank also expressed interest in Atlanta.

[Event Prevent] Regular Session 7th Monday Night Column Red Leather @ 老鹰
The seventh week of the regular season has occurred in the country’s most tragic Guo Lian East, challenge the Philadelphia eagle by Washington Hongyou. It has become a mid-born four-point guardian, Kirk Coss, and the downtrer of the new generation of Duison-Wenz, perhaps will bring us a good attack feast.

The red skin still leaving a four-point Wei Kark Coss, but «cousin» with its actual actions, this is also the value of the people in the near 3 seasons. Always stay one of the reasons for the competitiveness in the country. In the 49-person competition in San Francisco 26-24 last week, Cousins ​​came out of 330 yards, and even the belt ran down 3 times, with the 5.44 yard’s pass codes with the 8.44 yards of the Pass 106.4. Leading the country. Red leather running Kieslis Toms became a heterogeneous part of the Alliance offensive players, and he won 105 yards last week. In the past 3 games, there were at least 100 yards. The ball data is indeed a very inexpensive. And he is also the only player who can get at least 300 yards of the number of spheres and 150 yards running codes in this season. Attacks the same outstanding red skin, will you kill the four parties in the Lincoln Financial Stadium under the leadership of Cossos?

After winning a wave of 4 winning victories, Philadelphia Eagle went to 5 wins and 1 loss. In the last week, the Night Race was defeated in the Collection of the Carolina, the second grade, the second-year quartz-Winz passed three times, two of which passed the red area of ​​this season. Kill near Duan Feng Zak — Erz. In the past two games, Wenz has transferred 7 passes to the past, and the pass score is up to 121.9. He has got 13 passed to Dagan and 1584 yards, and the two data were distributed to the 1st and 2nd of the National Union, and in his strategy, Zucker-尼 尼森Niglo got 4 pass to reach. After a season who was not too successful, Wenz and his eagle had fly on the clouds this season.

Murray and Matthews are willing to share the time
In the backcourt line of Philadelphia, Demarco Murray won more appearance time, but Ryan Matthews performance was more efficient. Local time Monday, the eagle will be a deadly enemy Dallas cowgirl, and the two runners are satisfied with the roles they play now in an interview.

So far, Murray holds 88 times, advances 307 yards, one code 3.5 yards; Matthew holds 56 times, advance 342 yards, one code 6.1 code. In the past 3 weeks, Murray’s performance has great improvement, and churly Chip Kelly also sets more more appropriate tactics, and he reaches 4.4 yards during the period. In the second week with the cowboy, Murray held the 2 yards in 13 times. This week, his goal is naturally proved to prove its value in front of the old east.